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Order Your Yearbook Now!

HEY FALCONSSS! This year FSE will make it easier for you to buy your yearbook. If you want to get your hands on a yearbook, you have the opportunity to make payments instead of paying for it all at once. You have the chance to pay a $10 down payment, $10 before the semester ends, and $10 at the end of 3rd quarter -- for a total of $30. “This is a good idea because it allows all students ... to have a chance to buy a yearbook,” said Michael E. (6). And for seniors -- if you order your senior shout out and yearbook at the same time, you will get a $5 discount! You can purchase your yearbook with cash, check, or a credit card. For more information contact Ms.Bates.
--by Jimena Elizalde

Let's Dig It!

The Falcons Volleyball team takes the court today in a double header at Northeast High School. They take on district rivals STEM and East this afternoon. Yesterday, the Falcons earned their first win of the season against STEM, 3-1. Returning player Leeyah R. says she has a plan to win. "I'm going to stay focused and not get mad if our points go down. I'll keep my head in the game." Coach Lawson says the girls have worked hard on their serves. In fact, every Falcon has scored against an opponent so far this season! Tonight's games start at 4:30. If you can't make it tonight, catch tomorrow's match against Cristo Rey at FSE. That game stars at 5:30 and admission is free.

Pastries with Parents

One of the tastiest times of the year is just a couple of weeks away for FSE! Our annual Pastries with Parents event will be Friday, September 20 from 8:00am to 9:00am. This event is only open to parents and guardians -- not students. This will be your chance to meet the new administrative team, and learn more about clubs and tutoring, the school database, required credits for graduation, online programs and what the future holds for our amazing Falcons! Please RSVP by Wednesday, September 18 via email to egude@frontierschools.org or call the office at 816.822.1331. We hope to see you there!

Already Accepted!

We're only a few weeks into the new school year, but some of our seniors already know where they might go to college! So far, three seniors have been accepted to schools in and out of Missouri. Anahi R. and Lailyn T. have been accepted to Wartburg College in Iowa -- and both have received $100,000 scholarships! Lailyn has also been accepted to Missouri Western State University and Northwest Missouri State University. Lailyn said, "My mom started bawling! She doesn't think it's possible to be accepted to three colleges in one week. I'm the first one in my family to go to college, so it's a big deal." Lailyn is still debating which one to choose, but will focus on which one has the best nursing program. Xavier H. has been accepted to Wichita State University. Congratulations to all three of these fabulous Falcons!

SuperSTAR Senior!

100K!!! Is walking right beside you!! Senior Anahi Ruiz earned a scholarship worth $100,000 over four years to Wartburg College, a private college in Iowa. But this wasn’t an easy achievement. It came from hard work, dedication, and passion. She applied for a Knights priority status and because she has a GPA of more than 3.5, is in the top 25% of her class, and is involved in extracurriculars, she was awarded the scholarship. Hillary Gonzalez sat down with Anahi to find out her plans for the future.

Q: What was your reaction?
A: I was very excited because it was a ton of money and I never saw that much money in a scholarship before.

Q: What are you planning to study?
A: I’m planning to study astronomy. It is my absolute passion. I’ve been studying it so much -- I even took college classes at 16 years old. I wanted to take more, but I couldn't so this is a new road that is going to allow me to study astronomy.

Q: What is your Inspiration?
A: My inspiration is curiosity. I want to know what is out there; I want to be one of the people that discovers big things! Ijust want to be a big person in astronomy.

Q: What were some of your hardships?
A: One of my hardships was people giving me doubt because a lot of people thought, “Astronomy?” That’s not usually what a girl would do, but I want to do big things, so I’m going to reach for big things and this scholarship is big!

Q: Who helped you reach this goal?
A: My older brother always told me, “You are the only solution to the problem. You are the only one that can fix that problem.” So, I have to fix my own problems and I have to be the one to give me a push when nobody is there.

Q: Do you have a message to girls who are doubting their abilities?
A: To other girls who want to work on science or mathematics or physics or whatever -- just go for it! If anyone doubts you, be like me: don't care what they say! If they have doubts, just prove them wrong. You have to represent out there.

Q: What would you say to those who want to apply for a scholarship?
A: If you believe you can get a scholarship, by all means go for it. You can get lots or little bits of money, but it’s still support. Do whatever it takes…it doesn't matter if you are a girl, just go for it. It doesn't matter what gender you are.

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